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Dashboard overview - Travel Arranger

If you're new to being a Travel Arranger within the Locomote Corporate Booking Platform then take a moment to get to know the Dashboard that will be the travel hub for your own profile, as well any travellers assigned to you. 


  1. User Avatar This is used to access everything to do with your personal profile
  2. Quick link to view the Dashboard No matter what page you're on you can come back to the home Dashboard

  3. Access your profile Able to access everything to do with your personal profile along with viewing all profiles allocated to your account and also quick access to our support site for assistance

  4. Workflow buttons Start booking travel from here

  5. A list of your trips Arranged by you or assigned to you

  6. A list of trip requests Awaiting your authorisation to move them along to the next stage

  7. Important contact information Helpful information relating to your account, eg. who your authoriser is and their contact details

  8. Confirmation of Traveller Confirmation banner displayed to identify who you are arranging travel for eg. Michael Traveller

  9. Search bar Search for previous trips; search can be done by Trip ID (eg. TMP-xxxxxx) or by keyword


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