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Arrange travel for my travellers - Travel Arranger

As a Travel Arranger, the main responsibility of the role will be to organise, book and manage travel for other travellers.

In order to arrange travel for someone, you have the ability to choose from a drop-down list of your assigned travellers and select the traveller's profile that you'll be "working in." 

  1. To organise travel for one of your assigned travellers, select their name from the search field located on the left-hand panel of your Dashboard, above the workflow buttons
  2. Once you select the name of the traveller you are arranging travel for, the page will reload and will display a confirmation banner stating that you are now arranging travel for that person.


You can either select from the names in the list provided or if you start to type a traveller's name, this will auto-populate and display results in real-time, based on the keywords entered ie. A first name.


All workflows to the side of the page will be greyed out and will remain inactive until you select a traveller.

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