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Changing the company logo

Nothing is better than grabbing a set of crayons and going to town on some butchers paper, designing your own company's logo. 

In the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, we have the next best thing. 

As a Company Administrator, you get your set of crayons (sort of) as you can drop in company's very own logo. 


By default, the Travelport Locomote logo will appear unless changed. 


  1. To add or change your company logo click the Customise link on the left hand panel of the Admin home page
  2. This will take you to the Customise Your Account page. Follow the file size and format requirements prior to uploading any image, to ensure the best quality
  3. In the "dropzone" box you can either drag & drop your logo or click on the box to search for your logo file on your local computer
  4. If you clicked on the box to search for the file, select the file and click Open. Otherwise if you dragged and dropped a file, the upload process should automatically start
  5. Wait for the "dropzone" box to load as the image is uploaded. Instantly the new logo or changes to a previous logo will appear under the Custom Logo heading as well as in the top left-hand corner above the left-hand navigation menu items
  6. If required you can toggle between Default & Custom logo in real-time, otherwise ensure you set the toggle to Custom Logo prior to leaving the page.



Your custom logo image may be .PNG, .GIF, and .JPG format and must not exceed 1 MB.

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