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Manage profiles

In the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, profiles are the basis of all that is right in the world.

This is how the Traveller can access the platform and it is where the Traveller's profile information (personal details, emergency contact, loyalty programs, passport, visa information and more) is stored and then transferred into Travelport's universal API (uAPI) which gets transmitted into the computer/central reservation systems (CRS). 

The entire purpose of profiles is to allow:

  • Travellers and their Travel Arrangers to submit trip requests
  • Authorisers to authorise or decline trip requests
  • Company Administrators to manage company data


These roles/responsibilities may vary, depending on the company setup.

As a Company Administrator, you have the ability to manage the company data, along with all Traveller(s), not just those assigned to you. This includes the ability to create new and edit (or update) existing profiles when required. 


Create a Profile

  1. To access Profiles you can either go to the user Avatar and click Admin, then click Profiles in the left-hand navigation panel or you can access via the user Avatar and click View Profiles
  2. In the Active Profiles tab, click Add New Profile
  3. Fill out as many details as possible in the Personal tab and work through each tab, ensuring you complete all mandatory fields (each denoted by *) Otherwise, you will receive a warning message when pressing Create Profile that not all fields are filled in. 
  4. Ensure that the new profile is assigned to an Employee Group. This will allow the user to select a trip request workflow on their Dashboard. When a new profile is created, the system will automatically assign the traveller to the default *Traveller Group.
  5. Prior to pressing the Create Profile at the footer of the page(s), there will be a checkbox next to the button labelled "Send a confirmation email to this employee." If this is flagged, an email will be sent to the email address that was entered in the Personal tab. (This is not mandatory.)
  6. Once you have reviewed the new profile, click Create Profile at the bottom of the page.
  7. A green confirmation banner will display at the top of the page, confirming the profile was successfully created. 

Need to Know

*If this Employee Group does not exist - i.e. has been removed from the account then the Company Administrator will need to assign an Employee Group via the profile's Assignment tab.

As the Company Administrator you will need to assign the Role of Travel Arranger(s)/Authoriser(s)/Risk Authoriser(s) to the profile (if applicable).


View or Edit a Profile

  1. To view or edit a profile, you can either go to the user Avatar and click Admin, then click Profiles in the left-hand navigation panel or you can access via the user Avatar on the right-hand side and click View Profiles
  2. As a Company Administrator, within Profiles you will see multiple tabs; this is due to administrative privileges where you can see all profiles.
  3. In the Active Profiles, you can view all profiles within the company or in the Managed Profiles tab, you can only see Traveller(s) assigned to you (as their Travel Arranger.) Search for the profile in the search field provided (by Name, Email or Employee ID) and click Edit next to the Traveller's name
  4. This will open the Traveller's profile information for you to update. The default 'home' tab will be labelled Personal.
  5. Select the tab or section you require, ensuring you fill in any mandatory fields (marked with *). You will be able to update the traveller's work and personal details, including passports, memberships, credit card information and profile assignments (ie. Authorisers.)
  6. Once all changes have been made, to save those changes make sure to click Update Profile
  7. A green notification banner will display, confirming the profile has been successfully updated.


As a Company Administrator, you have the permission to view and edit any traveller's profile and arrange trips, not just for travellers that are assigned to you. 


Archive/Unarchive a Profile

Within the Locomote platform you cannot "delete" a profile; you can only archive it so it cannot be accessed by the user. This is due to the profile being attached to historic trips and other data within the database. 

Unlike other roles (ie. Travel Arranger) as a Company Administrator you have the permissions to Archive/Unarchive profiles.


For a guide on how to Archive/Un-archive a Profile please refer to this article. Otherwise if you need to Disable a User's Profile, please refer here.

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