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Change the trip status to Booking Complete

It feels so damn good!

Completion. The end of a task, the final note of a song. The drop of a pencil on a test. The successful completion of a trip that has been booked. Done, dusted - file it away. 

It's satisfying, it's a relief, it's like "If I can do this, I can do anything..." Until the next trip request comes in. Being a consultant at a Travel Management Company (TMC), it never stops. 

However, as a TMC within the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, you have the ability to manage the booking process on behalf of the traveller. It's ridiculously easy to update the trip state and it can be achieved in a couple of mouse clicks.  

  1. On the Dashboard, to locate the trip click the Pending Booking tab or search by the Trip ID (ie. TMP-ABC123) in the search icon, to the right of your user Avatar
  2. Once the trip has been located, either on the Dashboard or via the search field, click on the trip to open
  3. By default it should take you to the Quotes page. Scroll to the bottom right-hand corner and click Mark as Booked
  4. A green notification banner will display stating, "Itinerary for <trip name> has been booked!" confirming the successful change. 
  5. To further confirm, on the Dashboard click on the Booking Complete tab which you may notice has increased by '1' where your selected trip should now have moved
  6. By selecting Marked as Booked this will complete the booking and move the trip along and automatically generate email notifications to the required parties, notifying them of the trip status update.

If you need to Cancel the trip, refer to this article.

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