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Working with Travel Diary activities for Administrators

As a user of the Locomote Travel Management Platform (TMP) you can create, edit, export and delete Travel Diary activities.

1) Login and open the relevant trip request from your Dashboard

2) This will take you to the Trip Details > Quotes page. Click Travel Diary in the left-hand panel

3) On the Travel Diary page, fill out all the required (and additional fields)

On this page you have the ability to enter an Activity name, Location, Date & Time, Activity Type (Business or Private) as well as view any previously created entries against the trip below the Travel Diary form.

4) To create a Travel Diary entry, once all all fields are complete, click Submit

4) The activity will appear underneath the yellow Travel Diary entry box, with a green notification above to confirm the diary activity has been created successfully

5) To edit a Travel Diary activity, click the edit icon  in the top right hand corner of the created activity

The event details will appear in the yellow entry box. If you need to cancel any changes, click Cancel. Otherwise complete your changes, then save them by clicking Update

6) A green notification will appear at the top of the page, confirming the diary activity has been updated successfully

7) To delete a diary entry, click the delete icon  in the left corner of the saved activity

8) A pop-up window will appear at the top of the page, asking to confirm if you would like to delete the diary entry. Click Cancel to cancel the request or click OK to continue with the cancellation request

9) A green notification will appear at the top of the page, confirming the diary activity has been deleted successfully

10) To export a travel diary to PDF, click the Export Travel Diary button under the list of activities.

A pop-up window will appear. Enter the email address(es) to which you wish to send the Travel Diary, add your comments, then click Cancel to cancel the request, otherwise click Send Report to proceed

NOTE: To enter multiple email addresses, after each email address add a comma to correctly separate the addresses

11) A notification pop-up window will appear, confirming the PDF has been sent successfully

12) Check your email (attached to your profile) to download the PDF version of the Travel Diary

13) Download the PDF by clicking the attachment in the email. Save, print or email the PDF for your records

NOTE: Google Chrome pictured; how attachments appear will vary from browser type and version



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