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Arranger/Authoriser - Add an itinerary to my calendar

Remember the days when you used to write appointments in the calendar on the wall, or in your diary? Well put down that pen and step into 2018.

Following the completion of your trip request in the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, you will be able to download a calendar invite of your itinerary and import it into the digital calendar of your choice. 

  1. Login to your Locomote profile and click on the relevant trip request displayed on your Dashboard
  2. The Quotes page should appear by default after selecting the trip. Alternatively to access this section of the trip request click on Quotes to the left-hand panel from under Trip Details 
  3. Click View Quote next to the itinerary generated by the Locomote platform
  4. A pop-up window will appear, outlining the details of the itinerary. In the top-right hand corner, click Add to Calendar
  5. A calendar event will download (an .ics file) with the trip itinerary details. Open the downloaded file, which will to add a new event to your default calendar
  6. Open your calendar on the arrival date to confirm the event has been imported


Depending on your operating system and your default mail client, this will determine what calendar the file will import into.

For example on Mac, it will be Calendar and on Windows it will be Microsoft Outlook. However this may vary if your default mail client as a Mac user, is Outlook. 

Need to Know

If the quote is in the past (expired) or if the quote has been cancelled, you will not be able to download your itinerary.


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