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I'm an Administrator: Submit a trip request

You have the power... to Submit a Trip Request. 

As a user in the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, you have the ability to submit a trip request either for yourself or on behalf of someone (depending on what level of access you have.) 

The trip request or quote will move through an approval process before the booking can be confirmed as complete.


If you are unable to sign-in, it could be related to an incorrect password. To troubleshoot, please refer to this article.

  • Sign-in to Locomote with your sign-in credentials
  • Select the workflow button that corresponds to the type of travel you want to book


Anything marked with a * is a mandatory field and must be filled out before you can proceed

  1. Within the workflow of your choice, you will be taken through to the Trip Details screen. Add in all the required information (Trip Title, Comments) as well as segments (Flights, Hotels, Cars) to your trip using the Add icon   next to the type of segment you want to add. To remove segments from your trip request, use the Delete icon  in the top right of the segment
  2. Depending on the setup and workflow that you have chosen, the details and workflows that will be available will vary. Complete filling out the rest of the form(s) until you are able to click Continue  
  3. To submit your trip request, click SubmitYou can cancel your trip by clicking Cancel, or save your trip as a draft by clicking Save as Draft and come back to it later
  4. Once you have clicked Submit a message will appear confirming that your trip request has been submitted and is pending an itinerary. An email will be sent to your assigned Authoriser to review
  5. Click the blue hyperlink Return to Dashboard to return to the main page where your trip request will appear under the Upcoming Travel heading on the Dashboard
  6. If you click on the Upcoming Travel entry, this will direct you to the Quotes page where you can get an overview of the trip. This includes the Trip ID (TMP-XXXXXX) that is used as the booking reference in the Locomote tool
  7. From the Trip Details screen, this will give you the details of the trip including flights/hotels/cars booked, dates and times and other important details
  8. From here you can cancel the trip by clicking Cancel Trip where a reason will need to be provided. You can also edit the trip if required, click Edit Trip and proceed
  9. If you need to discuss the quote with your Authoriser or Travel Arranger, click on Messages in the left-hand panel

Need to Know

Messages gives you the ability to discuss the quote and anything else internally, as well as providing an audit trail for transactions made as soon as the quote has been lodged.

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