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How to view and reply to a message within a trip request as an Arranger & Authoriser

Whoever once said communication is key, hit the nail on the head. 

In the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, we have ensured that you can always keep in contact with key travel personnel, to help you end-to-end of the booking journey. 

The Messages module is where it all goes down and is readily available within any trip created. The Messages thread of the trip request will record all messages, as well as the history of the request, including when and by whom it has been actioned. 


Messages posted in this section will also be automatically sent to recipients via email as a notification. Users can either reply within the Messages thread or via email as required.

  1. To view and reply to a message specific to a particular trip, login and click on the relevant trip request which can be found on your Dashboard
  2. Within the Quotes screen, click Messages in the left-hand panel
  3. In Message, you will see all previous messages as well as a step-by-step audit trail of the trip request. To send a message, in the To field select the recipient(s)
  4. In the field below the To recipients, type in your desired message. If you need to add an attachment, you can upload via the Attach File button
  5. Once you are satisfied with the message, click Send
  6. The message will be listed, newest to oldest in descending order. The recipient will receive an email notification and can reply accordingly either via the email notification or via their Locomote login, from the Messages section.


It is not possible to send a message to someone who is not associated to the traveller of the trip request

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