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Arranger/Authoriser - Save a preferred Authoriser Group/Authoriser

To save some sweet, sweet time when booking your trip within the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, you have the ability to save your preferred Authoriser Group & Authoriser as a default for future trip requests. This will allow you to bypass having to manually populate the field each time.

Need to Know

Only be available if your company's workflow setup includes the requirement to select an Authoriser Group/Authoriser. 

Setting the default Authoriser

  1. Login and from the Dashboard select the preferred workflow to create a trip request. Fill out the required fields (flight, hotel, car etc.) including any mandatory fields
  2. Continue to the next page, where Travel Details will be visible. Select an Authoriser Group (if there's more than one) from the list
  3. Search for and select an Authoriser from the list (if there's more than one) 
  4. A grey star is displayed next to the Authoriser field box. Click on the grey star to save the Authoriser Group/Authoriser as a default. Completing this action will make the the star will turn yellow
  5. The next time you create a trip request, the Authoriser Group/Authoriser will automatically appear


You will need to select an Authoriser Group before you can search for and select an Authoriser  

Removing the default Authoriser

  1. At any time, you can un-mark the Authoriser as the saved preferred Authoriser. Reverse the process by clicking on the yellow star to turn it back into a grey star
  2. From here, you can leave the star un-marked so the system forces you have to select an Authoriser each time, or you can select a new preferred Authoriser and save them as the default. 

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