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As a Traveller, why isn't my Frequent Flyer number showing at checkout?

When completing your travel booking in the Locomote platform, depending on the format of your membership number (and the frequent flyer supplier) your Frequent Flyer number may not appear at the checkout screen. 

Because of certain formats/lengths, the fix for this to add a "0" at the start of your Frequent Flyer membership number, in your profile. 

To complete this:

1) Click on the Avatar and select My Profile to access the My Profile home page

2) In the My Profile tabs, navigate to the Loyalty tab

3) Add in a "0" at the start of the membership number

4) Press Update Profile to submit the changes made to your profile

5) A status bar will appear at the top of the page with Profile Updating letting you know that changes are taking effect in real-time. Once the notification disappears, this will confirm that your profile has been updated successfully


6) Return to the trip, proceed to the checkout page and the Frequent Flyer number will appear as an option under Frequent Flyer, just below Additional Information

7) Once entered, press Complete Booking to finalise and submit payment for your trip


If issues persist, please contact our Support team here.


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