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Why can't Travelport Locomote modify or cancel my booking?

Excellent question! 

The Travelport Locomote tool is a fully integrated, end-to-end Travel Management Platform that helps meet all the unique and individual needs of professionals at every level.

Now while you can certainly make your booking through the platform, we (Travelport Locomote) are not actually involved in the booking process and are not authorised to create, edit or cancel any bookings within the Locomote platform. 

That responsibility falls under your organisation's travel management procedure, whether that filters internally to the Company Administrator, down to the Travel Arranger or externally to your Travel Management Company (TMC).

They will issue your itinerary and tickets for you and are the "back of house" team that will be able to make any changes to your itinerary, whether it's modifying your current booked trip eg. adding extra luggage, changing hotels, adding in a special request etc. or cancelling the itinerary altogether. 

If you need to contact your TMC, their contact information can be found in the Dashboard link, located above the My Trips list at the top of the page. 

If you need to contact your Travel Arranger or Authoriser, their contact information can be found to the left-hand side panel, underneath the blue workflow buttons. 


Otherwise feel free to contact our Support team if you are unsure of who to contact to make these changes and they will be able to assist. 


Unfortunately for booking modification/cancellations, the Locomote team is not authorised to make those changes and is not responsible for your booking. 



If there is a problem with the software (the platform) by all means, please bring it our attention by speaking to one of our Support team.

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