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Administrator - Why do I get a blank page when loading a workflow?

Some users have reported that when clicking on their desired workflow to start their trip request, they receive a blank page. 

Alternatively we have had reports when clicking the Continue button after selecting flights/hotels/cars in the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, the user also gets a blank page.


Usually when loading the CBT (Corporate Booking Tool) with the Locomote platform you should see a page with the spinner in the centre, as shown below.


If nothing happens after 30 seconds, then there could be an issue with the internet browsing application that you are using. This could be caused because the user has run so many searches in Locomote that their cookies have filled up.

However this can easily be fixed by clearing the cache and cookies of the user's browser.

Potentially if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, then this could be the cause of the page not loading.

To clear the cache and cookies of the browser, refer to this article. 

If in doubt please ask our Support team for further assistance. 


We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to load the Locomote platform, however the Locomote platform is compatible with all browsers and versions. For more information on Support Browsers, visit this article.


If you are unsure on how to find your browser details, go to What is my Browser. This site will tell you what brand, type & version you are using.


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