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A report is the formatted result of database queries and contains useful data for decision-making and analysis. Within the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, a Company Administrator has the awesome ability to run different types of reports to help report back to the rest of the company on anything & everything from Trip Request Reports & FBT Diary Reports to Profile Reports.


🔐 Make sure that you are signed-in on Locomote (via another tab) before clicking on the Download report button.

Generate Reports

  1. Click on the user Avatar, select & click on Admin
  2. Click on Reporting in the lower left-hand navigation panel
  3. Select from the Reporting options:
    • Export a trip requests report
    • Export a FBT Travel Diaries report
    • Export a FBT Travel Declaration report
  4. Fill out the Start and End Date field
  5. Clicking on Submit button will generate and send the report to the email address linked to your Locomote profile. You will receive the requested report within 24 hours
  6. Go to your email, where the email subject header will advise of the dates the report is for
  7. Click Download report; the report will then be downloaded locally (to the location of your choosing)
  8. Once downloaded, open the spreadsheet where you have the ability to manipulate the data however you please


Need to Know

💻 If your URL to Locomote has a sub-domain (eg. travelport.locomotetmp.com) instead of the standard www.locomotetmp.com, you will need to change the link to download the report.

To do this, right-click on the Download report button in the email & select Copy Link Address. Paste the URL into the address bar & add your "subdomain" (eg. travelport.) before "locomotetmp" & press enter to load.

📩 The report should download. If not, please contact our Support team to assist.


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