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Loyalty Providers

Loyalty Providers can be retrieved within the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform using the API. By using GET it will retrieve all Loyalty Providers within the database.

Loyalty Providers (or suppliers) are categorised into 3 resources of air, hotel & car. An air loyalty provider is the airline or carrier that has a rewards program eg. Virgin Australia has the "Velocity Frequent Flyer" program. An example of hotel loyalty is the Hyatt Hotel, which falls under the "World of Hyatt"  loyalty program. 

This data is Read Only and cannot be changed or edited by the API, which is why a "find all" (GET) is only available, whereas other resources have PATCH, POST & DELETE. A specific user does not require identifying, so there's no need to append an Employee ID to the back of the URL.


  Secured by auth_token.

Authorisation via "X-USER-USERNAME" and "X-USER-TOKEN"

All Loyalty Providers

Get Loyalty Providers

Get a list of loyalty_providers resources

GET https://locomotetmp.com/api/loyalty_providers

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required Valid Values
page[number] The page number to fetch No Any Integer
page[size] The number of items that appear on each page No Any Integer

Example Request

curl -i -H X-USER_TOKEN\:\ [your API key] -H X-USER-USERNAME\:\ [Company Admin email] -H Content-Type\:\ application/json -XGET https\://[your subdomain].locomotetmp.com/api/loyalty_providers/
No request fields required for GET

Example Response

"data": [
"id": "9c51746b-2cce-11e8-87f9-0662bed6e7db",
"type": "loyalty_providers",
"attributes": {
"name": "JSC Aurora",
"category": "airline",
"code": "HZ"
"id": "9c5b4ca7-2cce-11e8-87f9-0662bed6e7db",
"type": "loyalty_providers",
"attributes": {
"name": "Aer Lingus Aer Club",
"category": "airline",
"code": "EI"
"id": "9c5b6165-2cce-11e8-87f9-0662bed6e7db",
"type": "loyalty_providers",
"attributes": {
"name": "Aeroflot Bonus",
"category": "airline",
"code": "SU"

Response Fields

Field Name Description Valid Values
id Identifier used to reference a given user Read only
type Type of resource Read only
name Loyalty Provider's name Read only
category Type of Loyalty Provider  Read only
code Loyalty Provider chain code Read only

Need to Know

As Loyalty Providers is a Read Only query, there is no input or mandatory fields required as the data cannot be edited.


We can use this data to complete endpoints for Loyalty Memberships. 

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