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Preferences References

Within the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, travellers can specify Special Service Requests (SSR) by adding in their preferred meal type, seat type or additional travel requirement ie. Bicycle or Pet in Cargo. These help the airline, hotel or vehicle supplier to cater to the traveller's requests.

In order to GET, POST, PATCH or DELETE this data within a User's profile we need to ensure the rest of the Dependancies are in place.


Meal Preferences
Code Description Comments
AVML   "Vegetarian Hindu Meal"   "no" 
BBML   "Baby Meal"   "no" 
BLML   "Bland Meal"   "no" 
CHML   "Child Meal"   "no" 
CNML   "Chicken Meal (LY Only)"   "no" 
DBML   "Diabetic Meal"   "no" 
FPML   "Fruit Plater Meal"   "no" 
FSML   "Fish Meal (LY Only)"   "no" 
GFML   "Gluten Intolerant Meal"   "no" 
GRML   "Greek Fasting Food (LY Only)"   "no" 
GVML   "Regal Glatt Vegetarian (LY Only)"   "no" 
HNML   "Hindu Meal"   "no" 
JPML   "Japanese Meal (AA & DL Only)"   "no" 
KCML   "Strictly Kosher Child Meal (LY Only)"   "no" 
KFML   "Special Kosher Fish Meal (LY Only)"   "no" 
KSML   "Kosher Meal"   "no" 
LCML   "Low Calorie Meal"   "no" 
LFML   "Low Fat Meal"   "no" 
LSML   "Low Salt Meal"   "no" 
MOML   "Moslem Meal"   "no" 
NLML   "Low Lactose Meal"   "no" 
RFML   "Regal Fish Meal (LY Only)"   "no" 
RGML   "Regal Meal (LY Only)"   "no" 
RVML   "Vegetarian Raw Meal"   "no" 
SFML   "Seafood Meal"   "no" 
SKML   "Strictly Kosher Meal (LY Only)"   "no" 
SPML   "Special Meal"   "yes" 
VGML   "Vegetarian Vegan Meal"   "no" 
VJML   "Vegetarian Jain Meal"   "no" 
VLML   "Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal"   "no" 
VOML   "Vegetarian Oriental Meal"   "no" 
Other Preferences
Code Description Category Comments
WCBD Wheelchair - Dry Cell Battery (N. Amer.)  Wheel chair         optional 
WCBW    Wheelchair - Wet Cell Battery (N. Amer.)  Wheel chair optional 
WCHC  Wheelchair (Carry-on)    Wheel chair  optional 
WCHR  Wheelchair (Can Climb Stairs)  Wheel chair optional 
WCHS   Wheelchair (Cannot Climb Stairs)   Wheel chair optional 
WCMP   Wheelchair - Manual Power Wheel chair optional 
WCOB    Wheelchair Required on Board  Wheel chair optional 
ADMD Advise EMD Number  Other optional 
ADPI   Addition Passenger Information  Other optional 
ADTK  Advise if ticketed Other yes
ASVC  Optional Services   Other optional 
AVIH  Pet in Cargo - Specify Size and Carrier Other yes
BIKE   Bicycle Other no
BLND  Blind Passenger  Other optional 
BSCT  Bassinet/Carrycot   Other no
BULK  Bulky Baggage  Other yes
CBBG Cabin Baggage Other yes
CHLD Child  Other yes
CKIN  Check-In Information Other no
CLID  Client Identification  Other yes
CODG  Corporate Gold  Other yes
CODP   Corporate Platinum Other yes
CODS   Corporate Silver  Other yes
COUR  Commercial Courier Other optional 
DEAF  Deaf Passenger Other optional 
DEPA Deportee (Accompanied)  Other optional 
DEPU   Deportee (Unaccompanied) Other optional 
DOCA    Address Information Other yes
DOCO    Secondary Document Information            Other    optional  Other optional 
DOCS   Primary Document Information  Other yes
DPNA    Disabled Passenger Needs Assistance Other optional 
EPAY  Electronic Payment  Other optional 
EXST    Extra Seat  Other yes
FOID   Form of Identification for Etickets  Other yes
FQTU      Frequent Flyer with upgrade and accrual Other yes
FQTV   Frequent Traveler Number  Other no
GPST   Group Seat  Other yes
GRPF   Group Fare Details  Other yes
GRPS     Group Space Request  Other yes
GUAR     Guaranteed payment at time of sell Other yes
INFT      Infant  Other yes
LANG   Language Assistance Other yes
LIMO   LIMO Other optional 
MAAS   Meet and Assist  Other yes
MEDA   Medical Case  Other optional 
PCTC Emergency Contact  Other yes
PETC  Pet In Cabin Other yes
SEMN  Ships Crew Other yes
SKTP  SAS Travel Pass Other yes
SLPR    Sleeper Berth Other no
SPEQ  Sports Equipment Other yes
STCR  Stretcher Other no
TKNM   Other yes
TWOV   Transit Without Visa  Other optional 
UMNR  Unaccompanied Minor  Other yes
WEAP  Weapons    Other yes
XBAG Excess Baggage Other yes


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