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Can I book a group/multiple passengers?


You can make a booking for multiple passengers or a group booking within the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform. However, there a few caveats of being able to do so.

Because the Locomote platform is profile-based and this data is passed into a single passenger record (PNR), the way to book a multi-pax or group booking is a little different, but possible.


Group/Multi-Pax Trips are only recommended for Flights only as we are unable to request more than 1 Hotel room or 1 Car in a Trip.


  • The amount of Travellers must be more than 1 but less than 9.
  • To book for multiple people – the Booker/Travel Arranger must already have created a trip for the Traveller.

Eg. A Travel Arranger/Booker must have made a booking (or started to make a booking) for each traveller. If you need to create a trip with 5 people, then you'll have needed to arrange travel for those 5 travellers. This creates an association between the booker/arranger and traveller which allows them to be added onto another traveller's booking.

💡 If there have been no trips made by the Travel Arranger for the Traveller, the Travel Arranger would have to select each traveller on the Dashboard and click on an online workflow, then go back to the Dashboard and repeat for each traveller to create the association.


Booking Process

For multiple passengers (also known as multi-pax) or a group booking.

  1. To make a multi-pax/group trip, first decide which traveller will be the designated Lead Traveller
  2. After selecting the initial traveler (this is referred to as the Lead Traveller), select the desired online workflow
  3. At the top of the Flight search, next to Travellers and on the left of the Lead Traveller's name, start typing the next travellers name in this field and choose from the drop down
  4. Continue to do so until all the required travellers are added
  5. If you need to remove any additional travellers, click the ✖ to the right of the name

Need to Know

  • The name with the ⭐ next to it would be the Lead Traveler
  • Payment, Authoriser, Policy and Emails would be used for the Lead Traveller regardless of whether they had different authorisers nominated in each individual profile
  • When searching in Locomote for Trips (ie. via the 🔎 function) – the trip is only available under the Lead Traveller's name




If you have read the Pre-Requisites and other tips on this page and still require help with a Group Booking or need more information, please refer to your Company Administrator and/or TMC, otherwise please contact us at Support.

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